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very well and good employed to point tranquil acceptance, as of the decisionif you acknowledge my present, very well and fantastic

The biscuits smell superior. You're looking good today. When used following appear or really feel, great might confer with spirits together with wellbeing: I'm experience pretty good this morning, all set to tackle the planet. Very well is both an adjective and an adverb. Being an adjective made use of just after glimpse, sense, or other linking verbs, it generally refers to very good overall health: You're looking effectively; we missed you while you were being from the medical center. See also negative.

make the best of to cope too as you can inside the unfavourable situations of (typically inside the phrases make the best of a nasty work, make the best of it)

a compartment or enclosure about a ship's pumps for making them effortlessly accessible and defend them from remaining damaged through the cargo.

Occasionally an adverb like very well is so usually positioned before and combined with a certain earlier participle in an effort to modify it which the resulting adjectival blend achieves the status of a standard phrase and is particularly detailed in dictionaries. In Dictionary.com you will find, by way of example, entries for well-advised and properly-mannered; for unwell-advised, ill-bred, and unwell-conceived; and for half-baked and 50 percent-cocked. Some terms are supplied complete definitions, while some are thought of here this sort of evident combinations which you could decide for yourself the things they must suggest. It is crucial to note, on the other hand, that compound adjectives like these are hyphenated for use ahead of the noun they modify with each other. Hence we are saying that someone is “a nicely-loved professor,” but there can be no hyphen concerning nicely and beloved in a very sentence like “My English professor is well liked and justifies the award.

as best you can, while in the best way attainable beneath the instances: We tried to clean over the disagreement as best we could.

a deep enclosed Area in the creating or involving properties that's open to your sky to permit mild and air to enter

moral or content edge or use; reward or profitfor The great of our personnel; what is the great of worrying?

Drinking water or pressurized gasoline is usually pumped right into a nonproducing oil nicely to drive petroleum assets from underground reservoirs. See also artesian properly.

the very best good quality being located in a supplied exercise or group of points (normally preceded by at): cabinetmaking at its best.

Her fashion, much like her diminutive nickname, is best described as “Hamptons twee”—preppy and peppy.

American-born Canadian physiologist noted for the invention and thriving scientific software of insulin.

a hollow compartment, recessed area, or despair for Keeping a particular item or merchandise, as fish in The underside of a boat or the retracted wheels of the plane in flight.

A deep hole or shaft sunk into the Earth to faucet a liquid or gaseous material like h2o, oil, fuel, or brine. In case the material isn't under ample force to flow freely within the nicely, it should be pumped or elevated mechanically for the surface.

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